Put Your Feet In My Shoes...

Bartonella, now recognized as a frequent "co-infection" of Lyme Disease is also a close cousin of Brucellosis, in case you didn't know:

i.e., https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23906880.

In fact, the symptoms of Bartonella are identical to Brucellosis and Lyme Disease, or, for that matter, any systemic disease that Bartonella/Brucellosis can mimic, which covers about 50 diseases listed in the Merck Manual. (See https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=brucellosis+mimicking+syphilis)

That's the beauty of its exploitation, if it ever should be exploited (I'm playing the devil's advocate here just for a second), or if, God forbid, it goes undetected to create an epidemic or crisis (it can be transmitted sexually, i.e., https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28196298) and then be called something else because it is "rare."

So that I should question why I cannot get another test for Bartonella (the first positive result a doctor rescinded), or why doctors were hostile towards me [which I described in my earlier post here on this blog] which resulted in my contacting the United States Attorney's Office ("USAO") that subsequently led to a fraud investigation by FBI - I ask WHY would that provoke hatred and retaliation towards me by FBI when I contacted the government over a fraud claim? Does that make sense to you? I contacted them because of the hostility I received from doctors, collectively. And my case against government (that has now morphed into constitutional violations) has little to do with medical malpractice at all, but, rather, involves the intrusion of government in my medical care to prevent me from getting medical care, and its sanctioning and condoning the denial to me of medical care based on my nationality and gender. In case you didn't know!!

Why - and I am mystified and horrified at the same time - is my questioning of why I cannot get a test for Bartonella (or Brucellosis) give rise to anger and retribution? Am I touching on a truth? Am I experiencing retribution because I know something I am not supposed to know? That this omission and truth in my now 30 year quest for a diagnosis should bring all manner of hostility against me is so mind-blowing, it is why I ask you to put your feet in my shoes. In fact, that I should be railroaded by government in all pursuits in my life because I question "logic," that it should even provoke hostility from them, is oh so very revealing, isn't it?

Surely, if you cannot have even the slightest sympathy for me [which I am not requesting or desire], or even concern, let me just say that if your child or someone you love had a condition that you KNEW doctors KNEW was remedied by intravenous antibiotics but your loved one was refused, with malice, that it would be the equivalent of looking down the barrel of a shotgun pointed straight in your face is no exaggeration. And you would know the hate in the heart of the doctor was the same as the hate in the heart of anyone who held a gun to your face, anyone who wanted you dead because of the way you looked. Yes, the analogy is perfect if you're honest about government-controlled healthcare. And despite your unwillingness to invite your imagination into the equation, you would still have to admit to yourself you would do EXACTLY what I have done, you would be like me, and you would do what I have done when you saw cars with men in them in front of your house (government's way of intimidating you into silence), breathed poisonous gas in your apartment, and, like me, assaulted with unlawful police surveillance in your home.

If doctors collectively denied you or your loved one care - even while at the same time admitting to your face your child or loved one had "peritonitis" and was being refused help out of a hate you didn't understand, you would exhaust yourself by going to more and more doctors, convinced it wasn't possible, wouldn't you? Convinced of collusion, you would contact your state government, the Office of Professional Medical Conduct perhaps (which is what I did), and you would present your evidence. You might lay down the x-rays before them, if you had them, and the "pre-Op" report that showed your loved one was diagnosed with "emphysema" (a feature of acute abdomen), the prescription bottle of CIPRO that kept your child or loved one alive (evidence that it is an infection), and you'd tell them the hostility and hate you encountered when you went from doctor to doctor, not understanding it, baffled, terrified. Why do they want my child dead? you would ask yourself and them. Your heart would be beating fast, your adrenaline flowing (time was running out) and you would be so terrified to lose that loved one, wouldn't you? You would be so frantic that you wouldn't even have time for tears. Then, when they all failed you, you would do what books recommend you do, which is - ultimately - contact the USAO.

Yes you would! If you cannot see what I have done as being "normal," perhaps your imagination can only go there if you imagine it was your child. Because, believe me when I tell you, I exhausted all remedies before I contacted the USAO. And though I myself am not my child, I did know my womb - doctor's knew and told me in fact - was becoming sterile. I was only 33, in athletic condition, and trying to survive a toxic colon and burst appendix (the result of a childhood arsenic poisoning) that doctors admitted knowing I had, which they had to know would sterilize me.

I am innocent. I grew up without surveillance in my house and I grew up without government in my healthcare. That I am terrified of both does not make me evil, or nuts. I was a byproduct of an age that was more free. In and around 1988, there was a case in New York City that I remember reading about in the New York Post. The Federal Bureau of Investigation responded to the untimely death of a patient in one of New York's finest hospitals. It was reported they confiscated a physicians' records, and I recall it said "boxes" of documents were removed from his office. Those were the days I understood, those were the days we over the age of 50 lived. Why does the government hate me so much because I could discern something above and beyond what others would never make sense of unless they too survived what I had survived as witness to the hate? If I had any cause for fear or distrust of my government, why would I in my innocence report to the government the exploitation of a disease that physicians' collectivized in agreement to exploit, and innocently question "why" is not that fraud?

To this day I am stalked and exploited. I am not permitted to receive medical care. I am characterized as mentally ill, not because I am mentally ill, but because I know something I am not supposed to know. No doctor will go against what another had missed - even though the doctor is dead. If that is not the most absurd and magnificently unconstitutional intrusion by government into a life of an American in the USA, I don't know what is.

Please subscribe to this blog. Let me show you why it is government doing this and why it is a violation of several of my constitutional rights. Share this post and help me get treatment for Bartonella/Brucellosis. I do not have Lyme Disease and I am not mentally ill. I have a systemic infection that my government will not allow me to get medical attention for. I do not have Lyme Disease. I do not. Put yourself in my shoes.

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