Socialized Medicine, Patient Safety and Lyme Disease

Well I hope with the new tax cuts and the resultant increase in jobs we expect to come with it, those like me, who survived the exploitation of infectious disease we've had in this country for the last two decades, will find healing and a job in the New Year. That's my hope, and I believe I am not the only one hoping so.

I didn't start this blog to promote myself, but to promote and bring attention to the ways in which purported healthcare information is being used and abused and to the end of an era, so to speak, of decades of destruction to this country that could not have been achieved without the exploitation of infectious disease that, curiously, many feel (particularly on the left) offended by my exposing. Not because they do not believe it, but because they know it's true.

I am being isolated and exploited, and shut out, because I wrote on my previous blog scientific truths about Lyme disease the government does not want me to say. I had my blog taken down, harassment by local police, and inability to get either a job or medical care in the United States - and then falsely diagnosed as mentally ill to solidify the narrative and thus silence me. Why? Because what I wrote was the truth, and still is.

Funny how the conservatives on social media won't join me in getting the word out, even while admitting healthcare and patient exploitation is and has always been a feature of failed socialist-based programs in times of political transition [shhhhhhhhh! Shut up! "Forget it and get on with your life," they insinuate by an unfollow]. And they don't want to hear it even when there isn't any other reason for the high numbers of chronically ill in this country, or even for the high number of deaths in hospitals.

And don't believe for a minute I'm welcome in "Patient Harm" groups on Facebook either. They block me because they don't want to believe their exploitation coincided with the trend toward greater government control in healthcare that began shortly after the abused and exploited HMO's we had in the late 1980's. Oh, no! They hate to admit - refuse to admit - that there's a connection (a nexus) between the rise of unnecessary hysterectomies and rising hospital deaths that coincided with the new government programs and a growing "globalist" initiative and trend in other areas of public policy. Rather, each member insists their exploitation is solely about money and a failed "teaching" physician, not about government control at all. They'll even go so far to say that doctors were "always" this bad, yet fail to explain why generations prior to ours had less chronic disease in their populations and saw their doctors less. (See

Of course the exploitation for money is real too. I don't disagree with that. But so too it is real when doctors - who do not get paid as well as they used to - collude to protect each other when things go wrong, or when they concern themselves with "First [doing] no harm" to themselves before the patient. No, the rise in deaths coincided completely with the encroachment by government in patient care that began with HMOs in the late 1980's that gave rise to Government-sponsored programs which now make up 52% of what we spend on healthcare, while the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA; Pub.L. 104–191, 110 Stat. 1936, enacted August 21, 1996) was signed by President Bill Clinton only in 1996 and arose to stop what was obviously the exploitation of patient privacy.

Here's an article by Forbes regarding the magnitude of the problem

Enter in Lyme disease. Lyme disease is one of the most exploited infections now going on in the United States. While it is still a predominantly white race disease, it is now recently rising in the black population as well. (See The explanation we used to hear is that "white people hike more often," as the reason for its affinity among only white people. What an absurdity!! Now we are hearing that darker skin tones perhaps miss the signs of the disease and therefore African Americans may not know they have it. Ridiculous! No, what is happening is that Americans are not getting basic medical care. How do I know? Answer: I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and I don't have it, at least according to some doctors outside the loop of my exploitation. If I don't have it, how many others don't have it?

To give you an idea of how exploitation occurs with politicized medical care, like anyone would, I went to see an infectious disease specialist seeking a cure. I did so because I had taken antibiotics over a 12-year period by this time, but the infection kept returning again and again. (Had I received intravenous antibiotics, or antibiotic injections into my muscle groups when I first received the diagnosis [which some patients with Lyme had received] think about the amount of suffering and money that could have been saved over that 12-year period! Think about it!!)

Anyway, this doctor (whom I chose because he was outside the loop [i.e., I went to him without a referral], was nice to me when I first met with him. He listened to me patiently, and even laughed in agreement with me when I told him I did not have Lyme disease. Then he tested me - and appropriately - for Babesia, Bartonella and another parasite I forgot the name of. He did so after agreeing with me that my symptoms were not Lyme disease. After one week I received a call from him at my office. He left a voicemail that said, "Cynthia, this is Dr. [so-and-so]. Your Bartonella titer is very high and so I'll need you to call the office to schedule another appointment for more testing," which I did.

Meanwhile, at my office, I was fighting discrimination by my female supervisors and others in the company due to my unofficially diagnosed medical condition. I was because my employer knew I was very sick and wanted to get rid of me. [I worked there 5 years and did my job and did it well but there were days when I looked sick and struggling.] We were in fact at the time negotiating a settlement agreement I refused to sign because it required I work only at companies my employer "approved of." As I said, I worked there 5 years and I was not going to live the rest of my life under the thumb and watch of a corporation because of its discrimination of me. [And it must be noted that since NO ONE believed I had Lyme disease either, the women in the office started to gossip about the fact I might be contagious, their fears understandable given the fact that I was just not getting better and receiving no medical help. (But that did not excuse the discrimination I suffered while there, which is another blog post altogether so I will refrain from describing it here.)]

Well, wouldn't you know? My voicemail from the doctor was deleted immediately from my office phone mailbox which was unheard of. Every employee's voicemail messages were kept 14 days or more before deletion; but, apparently, for some reason, my one voicemail from my doctor, the one voicemail that would have given me leverage in my negotiations with the company over my settlement agreement was deleted. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Then when I arrived for my appointment with the infectious disease specialist as he requested, he looked outraged that I was there! So angry he was to see me and I did not understand it at all. The doctor I met a week ago, with his kind and affable personality, was totally replaced with what appeared to be hostile lunatic out of nowhere. He shouted at me, literally, "I made a mistake! You don't have Bartonella!! You have Lyme disease! No charge for this visit. You can go." [Was he truly angry, or was he afraid?] His reaction to me was so over-the-top out of nowhere yet consistent with the treatment I got from doctors all around. And I began to believe - at this point had little doubt - that his discrimination of me was connected to my employer's discrimination. Why was my voicemail message erased so suddenly, and why was his hostility towards me the same as my supervisors?

Not only were my supervisors and this doctor exuding hate towards me, but so had all the physicians I saw previously. Why?

I contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation because it terrified me, who purportedly conducted a fraud investigation. Why were doctors not helping me?

It turns out I never had Lyme disease, although I do believe I had - and still have - Bartonella. Why all the secrecy? Why? Let me tell you why. Back in 2004 Bartonella wasn't even considered as a co-infection of Lyme disease whereas today it is - and I still can't get it treated. That is because doctors do not want to admit they were wrong. Even an FBI agent told me in 2001, "The liberals don't want you diagnosed." Do you see where I am going? What a politically-charged statement to make, right?!! Wow!! What do "the liberals" have to do with my medical care? What business is it of theirs? And why the "collective" agreement that extended beyond medicine and into politics? Did I deserve to suffer because I was an "outsider," my company knowing I did not share its liberal politics and economic point of view?

To those who do not know the link doctors are now making between Bartonella and Lyme, here is a good article about that

Now I am not going to get into ALL of my experience for it would be too long a post, but suffice it to say that only in a "socialist political" environment would one find the interplay between a corporation, and a doctor. This is not new. Socialists have used healthcare to shape the course of public policy and create crisis so they can legitimize more government control. That's who they are, that's what they do.

And though I am convinced that Bartonella and Lyme are curable, and patients exploited for political power, I am going to have to expound on the evidence for that in future posts. But what I have introduced here is the fundamental reason we - as the New York Times reported - have one-third our people chronically ill in this country and why it arose from government.

What is the solution? Answer: Heal Them. I blog because I know they can be healed and hope this administration will grasp the logic behind what I am saying so that the corruption is exposed with respect to this disease. We have the power and knowledge already to heal Bartonella infections. We do not need "research" funding to figure this one out. Here is a case report of a child with Bartonella who was healed:

While we use the phrase "peace through strength" when we think upon foreign affairs, likewise, we can never hope to have peace and economic strength domestically when large swaths of our population are sick due to unnecessary chronic disease. While we concentrate to build our economy, I hope we can also restore hope and healing to so many and thereby do away with the unnecessary high cost of medical care altogether. We need to heal a sick population. So let's hope "Freedom is back in style" as Sean Hannity prefaces before his radio show. Let's hope people's medical problems - going forward - do not continue to be exploited like mine were through collusion between government, employers and the medical community for political ends. Let's heal those thousands of Americans given the chronic fake, phony and fraudulent diagnosis of Lyme disease and who are held back from a "cure" that is possible and available if only the CDC would allow it.

Let's do this and watch everything else take care of itself.

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