A New Beginning; A New Case

Starting over. Beginning where I left off.

Since losing my blog targetedpatient.net on Blogspot many months ago, I have been under attack for what I reported in that blog. I also ended up in a "shelter" because I am being prevented from getting housing or employment (sabotage of all phone contacts), all due to the fallout that resulted from my suing the government under the Privacy Act in 2010.

To those that doubt such a thing can occur, remember that most of you did not read my documents, much less give thought as to what my case was about. In example, if my case were "frivolous" I would not be so ostracized and neither would the government care what I wrote on my blog. Moreover, when the government is against you, everyone follows, lest they too become the objects of scrutiny.

Now all my google accounts and email accounts have been shut down. This too after a bag I owned was confiscated by police (coincidence?), a bag with all my passwords to both my email addresses AND the recovery emails and phone I used on my profiles. Thus, I have no way of getting back into targetedpatient.net.

But the harassment by government began many years prior to my filing in court. (It was why I HAD TO file in court, for I was damned if I did and damned if I did not.) To those of you who followed me before, you know that I started my first blog in 2012, 15 years AFTER I was stalked and harassed by government for surviving a fatal illness and reporting on the crimes of physicians I was seeing as I traveled across state lines from doctor to doctor, doctors who took my reports, countless doctors, and one who even assaulted me in his office.

I had turned to the DOJ in 1997 (after reading a book that suggested I do so) with a report about the collusion between doctors to keep me undiagnosed and the sharing of my medical information without my knowledge between physicians by use of my social security number. We must remember that the privacy protections we as patients sign off on now in doctors' offices were not available at the time this crime against me occurred. [Even at this time a FBI agent said to me on the phone, "The liberals don't want you diagnosed."]

I am probably the first to survive such an ordeal (a burst appendix on "oral" antibiotics rather than intravenous). My private health information ("PHI") is testimony to the amount of oral antibiotics I was prescribed, it being over 1500 pages of mostly antibiotics that spanned over a 15 year period. But little did I realize - or even understand why at the time - that my reporting on that crime - deliberately done to murder me - would be responsible for what we have now regarding "Privacy" protections we now sign when we visit the doctor. (Back in 1993, when I burst my appendix, these protections were not in place.)

When Forbes published this article though, in 2013, it revealed more to me about WHY I was left in the condition I was in - by a doctor who knew I was in a near-death fatal condition! https://www.forbes.com/sites/leahbinder/2013/09/23/stunning-news-on-preventable-deaths-in-hospitals/#88d8f834f699

Rather than help me, however, I was stalked and surveilled by the government itself. (At that time I did not have my x-ray that proved I was in a fatal condition and I was told my pain was "imagined" by them.) My suffering was intense - both physically (due to the sepsis I walked with) and mentally (due to the abuses I suffered under surveillance). I screamed daily and I walked and walked to stay alive. One physician was blunt, basically in a few words telling me I would die. I was deeply shaken, not knowing who was doing the surveillance of me, or why they wanted me dead!! Paralyzed in terror daily and suffering severe abdominal pain from a partially-treated burst appendix, I sought help out of the country and on-line (where I was followed by police one doctor told me). All the while I screamed and cried and made calls to police, lawyers and the FBI, to no avail.

You may remember a picture of an xray I shared (evidence of a burst appendix)? Look to your right to refresh your memory (if it's not there now it will be there tomorrow [new blog and got to fix that]).

I sued the government under the Privacy Act in 2010, after it was revealed to me while an employee of a company (while opening the mail) that they knew I was disabled under the Americans With Disabilities Act after years of intense suffering and discrimination, discrimination that arose because I looked so sick and people told me so. In that case I wrote about how the government used my private medical information to assist a company in disposing of me from its employ, and about how they protected the doctors who colluded (by use of my social security number) to keep me undiagnosed. Instead of helping me, however, FBI allowed for a supervisor of mine (former assistant U.S. attorney for the DOJ) to use my private medical information to force me out of the company. As I have alleged in those documents, FBI knew full well what my supervisor was doing, even aiding the corporation by falsely accusing me of "potential violence" and opening up a phony "fraud" investigation that had nothing to do with my complaint (but conveniently allowed them to torment me more).

This is just a brief outline, but it is 2017 and I am alive. I should not be alive, and if there were an honest doctor today he or she would tell you the same.

But how I must live today is why I must blog. I am a "dirty" secret and what they want me to do is stay quiet, disappear, not say a word. That is because the 1990's was a decade that will forever be known as one with the highest mortality rate in hospitals of white people in our country, EVER! But since losing my last blog, false police reports are now being filed about me that provide fodder (or a bogus reason) for police to stalk me wherever I go, to ensure I do not get a job or housing. Here is a photo of the "root" of my "cloned" smartphone to prevent me from contacting media (I.E., MESSAGE FOR SEAN HANNITY - GOVERNMENT DOES NOT WANT ME TALKING TO YOU!!), jobs without the consent of government, or medical attention outside the loop of government control:

The USER is NOT me. The HOST is local government. (If anyone is wondering about what the DEEP STATE is, all you have to do is follow this blog. You must understand that phones that are "not rooted" [those used by police and military], and computers that do NOT allow OWNERSHIP in the operating system by default, form the BULK of the equipment ordinary everyday citizens use. (Please don't imagine that a terrorist buys his or her phone at the local cell phone store.)]. So don't for one minute think we CAN rid ourselves of the DEEP STATE by protesting against the NSA for violations of the Fourth Amendment. The government is using its left wing citizen to carry out abuses via "cloned" phones - so in court they can say, "It wasn't us your Honor."

Recently, after receiving a voicemail on my "Obama" phone (free phone given to indigents at the shelter like myself) from a retail chain about an interview, when I returned the call to schedule, the manager told me, "You called to say you were not interested." The problem with that was that I NEVER CALLED HER!! Someone called, pretending they were me, so I would not get the job - on my government phone! (I would later convince her it was not me and got offered the job, but this was just a sample - a slip up of what I endured for the last 20 years.)

I am being tracked on my phone and my contacts sabotaged. I was falsely diagnosed too with a mental illness - until I brought to the attention of a mental health worker that my diagnosis was NOT made by doctors but BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, showing her the document and the purported agencies consulted, one of whom listed itself as seeing me in New York in 2016 when I was not even in New York in 2016! (Not to mention that the document in my possession ADMITS that the federal government has designated me as mentally ill to cover up for its own abuses of me medically!)

Please share my story - for this is the story of tyranny, this is the story of what can happen to anyone who questions authority, this could be the story of anyone who simply defends their own life.

Follow me as I tell you what happened, what is happening now.

Help me and share, FOR THIS IS THE FUTURE OF MEDICAL CARE, the beginning of the government's sexual foreplay with its citizens, the CONTROL by lower intelligence. Stay tuned as well to hear about the new case I am filing, and share my story and what is happening to me - so it doesn't happen to anyone else.

#politicsinmedicine #discrimination #hate #gender

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